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Four trends will shape e-commerce evolution over next several years, impacting brand success

By David Roth & Jerman Zhang

Improving content and user interactive experience are key   by Jerman Zhang Managing Directo.. Read more

Brand Contribution

High Brand Contribution bolsters earnings potential   Technology, food and dairy most repres.. Read more


Seven new brands enter ranking, and two return   Diverse categories illustrate broad opport.. Read more

Top 20 Risers

Value growth leaders serve needs of China’s middle class   Government policy influenc.. Read more

China faces outward as West turns inward

Transforming economy impacts brand value fluctuations   The first appearance of a Chinese pr.. Read more

BrandZ China Top 100 stocks outperform the stock market

Valuable brands deliver superior shareholder returns   In a year of uncertainty and change, o.. Read more

Summary of brand and category changes

The BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2017 rose 6 percent in value, to $557 bill.. Read more

Economic transition, consumer attitudes, touch most categories

Market Bifurcation   Confidence varies among consumers   Middle class consumers showe.. Read more

10 Prescriptive ideas for building brand strength in today’s China

1. Pair insight with innovation Brands with deep insight about consumer desires enjoyed a market ad.. Read more

Emerging Chinese brands impress overseas consumers

But they need to build greater awareness   Chinese entrepreneurial brands are rapidly emergi.. Read more

Brand Building Action Points

These are the three most important factors in developing content marketing: 1. FameCreate conte.. Read more

China 2017 | BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands Report

Here you can access all resources for the BrandZ Top 100  Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2017 lau.. Read more

Thought Leadership & Analysis

Q&A with Paul Xu

Paul Xu Vice President, DJI   DJI is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing innovative dr.. Read more


Close to millennials in age, but different in attitudes By Linna Zhao Head of Insights, Chi.. Read more


Young people respond to ads, especially with fresh content By Zod Fang Deputy Head of Datacenter.. Read more


As search progresses, fundamentals endure By Elvis Xu Managing Director, Search Marketing .. Read more


Dynamic content helps future  proof consumer relationships  By Abby Wong Dir.. Read more

Cultural Strategy

Keep pace with constant change to stay relevant to Chinese youth by Panos Dimitropoul.. Read more

Going Global

Brand building essential part of overseas expansion  by Scott Kronick CEO, Asia P.. Read more

Brands miss full impact of social media when they focus metrics on narrow outcomes

Courtship, not a one-night stand, produces the richest results   by Ali Zein Kazmi VP P.. Read more

Brand Building Action Points - Young Adults

Think mobility, not mobile Mobility is a mindset and fulfillment of lifestyle expectations. Brands .. Read more

Chinese young adult generation influences how China consumes media and brands

Marketers must ensure relevance to this audience   By King F. Lai CEO Asia Pacific and .. Read more

Millennials have more money and different priorities than earlier Chinese generations

They purchase luxury online, in-store, and while traveling   by Alexander Runne Chief S.. Read more

Brand Building Action Points

Go young Get your youth-oriented marketing right. Youthful key opinion leaders such as pop sta.. Read more

Brand Building Action Points

Go young Get your youth-oriented marketing right. Youthful key opinion leaders such as pop sta.. Read more

Proven strategies often need revision for brand success in the Chinese market

Media investment needs to span the customer journey   By Charlotte Wright Chief Strate.. Read more

Consumer shift in media habits drives rapid rise of content marketing

Brands must balance healthy returns against potential risks   by Rycan Di Managing Dire.. Read more

Content marketing offers rich potential, but exposes the brand to wider competition

Like the best ads, the best content will reinforce brand equity   by Rupert McPetrie CEO Me.. Read more

Brands combine social media, data to help customize celebrity impact

Young male celebrities endorse cosmetics for female audience   by Leon Zhang National H.. Read more

Brand Building Action Points

1. Reassess Reassess your fundamentals. If you have hit your reach targets, but not delivered a ch.. Read more

Four trends will shape e-commerce evolution over next several years, impacting brand success

By David Roth & Jerman Zhang

Improving content and user interactive experience are key   by Jerman Zhang Managing Directo.. Read more

Category Changes

Category ups and downs swing in narrower range   Changes mirror transition of the economy &.. Read more


Category bounces back on sportswear strength   After several years of slow growth because of.. Read more

Baby Care

E-commerce stokes price competition   The baby care category declined 25 percent in the Bran.. Read more


Growth slows as banks navigate transformation   The banks category declined 6 percent in va.. Read more


Quest for career success drives steep value rise   With a rise of 46 percent, education, a.. Read more

Food and Dairy

Brands respond to consumer demand for healthier products   The six food and dairy brands inc.. Read more


Chinese Traditional Medicine  drives international expansion   The value of the healthc.. Read more

Home Appliances

Small appliance brands produce largest growth   The home appliances category increased 9 per.. Read more


Growth shifts to mid-range as category rationalizes   The three hotel brands that rank in t.. Read more


Regulations add stability, but slow category growth   The insurance category, declined 6 per.. Read more

Jewelry Retail

Weaker tourism, mall traffic reduce sales   The Jewelry retailer category declined 31 percen.. Read more

Personal Care

Wider economic forces shape category trends   The value of the personal care category in the.. Read more


E-commerce brands dominate growth and move into grocery   E-commerce drove the healthy 22 pe.. Read more


Economic change causes brand value fluctuations   The value of the technology category incre.. Read more

Telecom Providers

Brands form alliance  for 4G competitiveness   The telecom provider category increased .. Read more

Travel Agencies

Domestic trips, booked on mobile, drive value   Driven by the sharp brand value rise of Ctri.. Read more

Overseas Revenue

Old and new economy  brands expand abroad   Global growth presents great potential &nb.. Read more

Competing at Home

Chinese brands surpass multinational brands in Brand Power score   This shift signals long-.. Read more

Reaching Millennials

Brands across categories increase millennial loyalty with insightful marketing   The right.. Read more

Leveraging E-Commerce and Mobile

E-commerce dominates retail ranking in number of brands and brand value   Sales increasingl.. Read more

Investing in Media

Media fragmentation continues as spending shifts to new channels   Content marketing draws .. Read more

Brand China

Consumers worldwide improve perception of Chinese brands   Innovation rises as quality co.. Read more

Global Presence

  Chinese brands obtain an increasing proportion of revenue from overseas   But the p.. Read more

Mergers and Acquisitions

Chinese M&A activity grows, but the consumer impact on brands lacks clarity   More comm.. Read more

Competing Abroad

Chinese brands lag overseas competitors in Brand Power factors   But millennials view Ch.. Read more


Weaker outbound travel impacts category growth   Several factors impacted both international.. Read more


Brand value grows, but growth rate slows   Alcohol is the most represented category in the .. Read more

As perceptions change, more Chinese brands achieve global stature

But growth requires greater market insight and access By Scot Beaumont Vice President .. Read more

Innovative Chinese brands ride digital wave to greater global reach, prominence

Changing “Brand China” perceptions  will require insight, communication   .. Read more

Q&A with Alice Lee, Managing Director, TCL Brand Innovation Center & TCL Corporation

Affordable innovation motivates consumers abroad to try the brand  Strong local partnerships.. Read more

Q&A with Gao Lufeng, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Strategic acquisition and organic growth yield global leadership  Ninebot and Segway brands .. Read more

Q&A with Glory Cheung, Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Consumer Business Group Huawei Technologies Company, Ltd.

Worldwide locations, heavy R&D investment build global tech brand Digital and traditional media.. Read more

Q&A with Xianlin Xie, Cofounder and President, Elex Technology Company, Ltd.

Elex endeavors to introduce global consumers to the creativity of Chinese brands   Brand buil.. Read more

Q&A with Zhiyu Chen, Chief Commercial and Product Officer, AliExpress (Alibaba Group)

Exposure on AliExpress helps Chinese companies build brands globally   Strategies vary for de.. Read more

Chinese brands need to build awareness and consideration

Overseas consumers unfamiliar with many Chinese brands   Most Chinese brands are little.. Read more

20 action points to achieve international export success

Start with the product, add insight, innovation, and rapid execution  BUILD THE BR.. Read more

China goes back to a future of ingenuity and invention

Entrepreneurs see opportunities along the Silk Road and beyond  China was a gr.. Read more

Internet-driven brands emerge, but established brands dominate

Expansion to developed markets makes brand building more critical Entrepreneurial, internet-drive.. Read more

Brand Building Action Points

These are the three most important factors in developing content marketing: 1. FameCreate conte.. Read more

Q&A with Laura Xiong

Laura Xiong Chief Branding Officer JD.com     JD.com is China’s second largest .. Read more

Familiarity with Chinese brands varies widely by country

Local factors determine levels of awareness, consideration The awareness gap between Chine.. Read more

Consideration rises for Internet-driven brands

Awareness high for established brands, but so is competition The BrandZ™ Top 30 Chin.. Read more

Brands in established categories dominate in Brand Power

Internet brands have potential for Brand Power growthAlthough the BrandZ™ China Top 30 Ex.. Read more

Digital leaders reflect shift in the notion of Brand China

Two categories represent over half of the brands and the Brand Power Consumer electronics,.. Read more

Brands in established categories need to differentiate.

Scores show great potential for Internet-driven brands Brands in both established and Inte.. Read more