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France’s most valuable brands post 22% value growth

France’s most valuable brands post 22% value growth  Top 50 brands worth US$293 bill.. Read more

Sense of stability fuels consumer confidence

Sense of stability fuels consumer confidence A year after the election of President Macron to t.. Read more

Cross-category Trends

Cross-category Trends  1 Have a mission that runs deeper than a slogan Brands are inc.. Read more

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways Value doesn’t mean what it used toFrench shoppers are buying less, but buyi.. Read more

Brand Categories

Category Growth Luxury the big winner as sector surges The composition of the French Top 5.. Read more

National treasures achieve world-class growth

WELCOMENational treasures achieve world-class growth Welcome to our celebration of the brands i.. Read more

Progress and tradition meet in growing market

MEDIA Progress and tradition meet in growing market Steady levels of business and consumer.. Read more

Brand Value

Brand Value The most valuable French brands in 2019 are led by global giants in luxury, persona.. Read more

Healthy brand, healthy bottom line

Healthy brand, healthy bottom line Just as there are many contributors to human wellbeing, ther.. Read more

The power of ideas

The power of ideasInnovative brands achieve more than a few headlines. Investment in being innovativ.. Read more

Behaving responsibly – winning trust

 Behaving responsibly – winning trust Brands not only have to do the right thing by .. Read more

Strong brands beat the market

 Strong brands beat the market The value of investing in brand building is not an abstract.. Read more

Thought Leadership & Analysis

Digital rebellion and directing emotion

Christophe ManceauInsight & Strategic Planning DirectorKantar MediaChristophe.Manceau@kantarmedi..

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Brand culture- the secret asset to grow French Tech

Batoul HassounManaging Director Ogilvy Batoul.Hassoun@ogilvy.com& Claire GallonSenior Consu..

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The intelligent revolution on our doorstep

Mathieu Morgensztern Country Manager, WPP FranceCEO, GroupM FranceMathieu.Morgensztern@wpp.comThe in..

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Challenging the status quo with women, for women

Virgile Brodziak Managing Director J. Walter Thompson ParisVirgile.Brodziak@jwt.comChallenging the s..

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Disrupt the status quo to sustain brand growth

Emma RobertsHead of Knowledge & Best Practice (Brand & Comms)Kantar TNS - Kantar Millward Br..

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Brand Profiles


Company: Danone GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,904 millionChange since 2018: -5%Headquarter City: ParisCate..

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Air France

Air FranceCompany: Air France-KLMBrand Value: US$ 658 millionChange since 2018: 2%Headquarter City: ..

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AuchanCompany: Auchan GroupBrand Value: US$ 4,719 millionChange since 2018: -1%Headquarter City: Cro..

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AXACompany: AXA S.A.Brand Value: US$ 7,011 millionChange since 2018: 1%Headquarter City: ParisCatego..

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BNP Paribas

BNP ParibasCompany: BNP Paribas S.A.Brand Value: US$ 4,543 millionChange since 2018: -8%Headquarter ..

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CarrefourCompany: Carrefour S.A.Brand Value: US$ 6,100 millionChange since 2018: -11%Headquarter Cit..

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Carte D'Or

Carte D’OrCompany: UnileverBrand Value: US$931 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter..

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CartierCompany: Cie Financière Richemont S.A.Brand Value: US$ 7,476 millionChange since 2018:..

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CELINE Company: LVMHBrand value: US$ 1,094 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city: Par..

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Chanel Company: Chanel International B.V.Brand Value: US$ 39,241 millionChange since 2018: N/A[..

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CitroënCompany: Groupe PSABrand Value: US$ 707 millionChange since 2018: 21%Headquarter City: R..

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ClarinsCompany: Clarins GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,140 millionChange since 2018: 3%Headquarter City: Pa..

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Credit Agricole

Crédit AgricoleCompany: Crédit Agricole GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,352 millionChange since..

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Creedit Mutuel

Crédit MutuelCompany: Crédit Mutuel – CM11 GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,031 millionChan..

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DecathlonCompany: Decathlon GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,211 millionChange since 2018: 19%Headquarter Cit..

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DiorCompany: Christian Dior GroupBrand Value: US$ 4,393 millionChange since 2018: 58%Headquarter Cit..

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EDFCompany: EDF GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,162 millionChange since 2018: 33%Headquarter City: ParisCate..

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ENGIECompany: Engie GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,334 millionChange since 2018: 12%Headquarter City: Paris..

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EvianCompany: Danone GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,672 millionChange since 2018: 5%Headquarter City: Evian..

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FreeCompany: Iliad GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,603 millionChange since 2018: -10%Headquarter City: Paris..

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GarnierCompany: L’Oréal GroupBrand Value: US$ 6,847 millionChange since 2018: 3%Headqua..

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GivenchyCompany: LVMH GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,939 millionChange since 2018: 31%Headquarter City: Par..

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HennessyCompany: LVMH GroupBrand Value: US$ 3,990 millionChange since 2018: 20%Headquarter City: Cog..

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HermèsCompany: Hermès InternationalBrand Value: US$ 31,520 millionChange since 2018: 2..

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La Roche-Posay

La Roche-PosayCompany: L’Oréal GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,424 millionChange since 2018: 19..

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LancômeCompany: L’Oréal GroupBrand Value: US$ 11,452 millionChange since 2018: 18..

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Leroy Merlin

Leroy MerlinCompany: Adeo GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,347 millionChange since 2018: 12%Headquarter City:..

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L'OccitaneCompany: L'Occitane GroupBrand Value: US$ 754 millionChange since 2018: -14%Headqu..

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L’OréalCompany: L’Oréal GroupBrand Value: US$ 26,127 millionChange since 2..

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Louis Vuitton

Louis VuittonCompany: LVMH GroupBrand Value: US$ 46,357 millionChange since 2018: 31%Headquarter Cit..

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Maisons du Monde

Maisons du MondeCompany: Maisons du Monde SARL Brand value: US$ 665 million Change since 2017: NEW E..

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MartellCompany: Pernod Ricard GroupBrand Value: US$ 791 millionChange since 2018: 25%Headquarter Cit..

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MichelinCompany: Compagnie Générale des Etablissements MichelinBrand Value: US$ 6,385 mi..

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Moet & Chandon

Moët & ChandonCompany: LVMH GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,616 millionChange since 2018: 13%Headqu..

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OrangeCompany: Orange SABrand Value: US$ 20,117 millionChange since 2018: 12%Headquarter City: Paris..

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PerrierCompany: Nestlé GroupBrand Value: US$ 952 millionChange since 2018: 13%Headquarter Cit..

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PeugeotCompany: Groupe PSABrand Value: US$ 1,114 millionChange since 2018: 0%Headquarter City: Rueil..

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Remy Martin

Rémy MartinCompany: Rémy Cointreau GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,209 millionChange since 2018..

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RenaultCompany: Groupe RenaultBrand Value: US$ 4,617 millionChange since 2018: 4%Headquarter City: B..

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RicardCompany: Pernod Ricard GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,196 millionChange since 2018: -1%Headquarter Ci..

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Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Company: Kering Group and L’Oréal GroupBrand Value: US$ 3,596 millionChang..

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SephoraCompany: LVMH GroupBrand Value: US$ 2,204 millionChange since 2018: 21%Headquarter City: Neui..

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SFRCompany: Altice Group[a]Brand Value: US$ 7,475 millionChange since 2018: -29%Headquarter City: Pa..

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Societe Generale

Société GénéraleCompany: Société Générale&nb..

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TefalCompany: Groupe SEBBrand value: US$ 774 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city: E..

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TotalCompany: TOTAL S.A.Brand Value: US$ 5,880 millionChange since 2018: 17%Headquarter City: ParisC..

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VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Company: RichemontBrand value: US$937 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Hea..

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Veuve Cliquot

Veuve ClicquotCompany: LVMH GroupBrand Value: US$ 1,813 millionChange since 2018: 14%Headquarter Cit..

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VICHYCompany: L'Oréal Brand value: US$ 954 millionChange since 2017: NEW ENTRY!Headq..

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VolvicCompany: Danone GroupBrand Value: US$ 960 millionChange since 2018: 0%Headquarter City: Volvic..

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Brand Building Best Practices

Delicious imagery is key to what you like

Vadim Poulet Strategic Planner J. Walter Thompson Vadim.Poulet@jwt.comDelicious imagery is key to wh..

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Does digital stifle or inspire brands’ visual codes?

Camille YvinecCo-Managing Director & Strategy DirectorSuperunion Camille.Yvinec@superunion.comDo..

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Raise your voice

Audrey RouziesStrategic PlannerJ. Walter ThompsonAudrey.Rouzies@jwt.comRaise your voiceBrands have l..

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Redistributing power in the new connected ecosystem

Guénaëlle GaultGlobal Head of DigitalKantar PublicGuenaelle.Gault@kantar.comRedistributi..

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Shake it up – unleash your creativity

Megan SavageDirector Knowledge & Best Practice (Comms)Kantar Megan.Savage@millwardbrown.comShake..

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