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Top Takeaways

Confidence is soaringIn the past two years, Germans’ confidence in their country’s finan.. Read more


Strong brands thrive as confidence growsYet consumers are still looking for love Thank you for joini.. Read more

Cross-category Trends

Shoppers are on a mission – you need to know which oneThe reason someone starts browsing or sh.. Read more

Germany’s strongest brands deliver 11% growth in value

Germany’s strongest brands deliver 11% growth in valueTop 50 brands worth US$340.8 billionThe .. Read more


Confidence steady despite uncertainty Confidence in Germany’s economic outlook has climbed for.. Read more

Media: Confidence fuels rise in online and traditional adspend

Confidence fuels rise in online and traditional adspendA combination of consumer and business confid.. Read more

Brand Value

The Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands in 2019 are worth a combined US$340.8 billion, which rep.. Read more

BrandZ ‘X factor’ boosts position in ranking

BrandZ valuations are unique because they take into account not just the financial might of a busine.. Read more

Brand Health

Brand HealthThe most valuable brands, not just in Germany but around the world, are those that stand.. Read more

Brands on the move drive fastest growth

A year of significant ups and downs for individual brands in the German Top 50 has done little to al.. Read more

What’s love got to do with it?

The most valuable German brands are especially strong on providing a great experience, having a clea.. Read more

Thought Leadership & Analysis

How do we win over Gen Z?

Isabelle SchnellbügelChief Strategy Officer Ogilvy Isabelle.Schnellbuegel@ogilvy.comChai Sinthu..

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How do you transform disruptors?

Katja BrandtCEO DACH MindshareKatja.Brandt@mindshareworld.comHow do you transform disruptors?Adaptiv..

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In the driving seat

Markus EberlSenior DirectorKantar, Analytics Practice Markus.Eberl@kantar.comIn the driving seat The..

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It’s About The Makers

Jan Peter ReinekeChief Digital Officer WavemakerJan-Peter.Reineke@wmglobal.comIt’s About The M..

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Let´s Creativate!

Martin BlachJoint CEOHirschen GroupBlach@hirschen-group.comBernd HeusingerJoint Founder & CEOHir..

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The reinvention of customer care

Ron HoferChief Experience Officer, SYZYGY AG and Founder & Partner, USEEDS Ron.Hofer@useeds.de T..

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Brand Profiles


SAPCompany:  SAP SEBrand value: US$50,937 millionChange since 2018: 4%Headquarter city: Walldor..

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Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche TelekomCompany: Deutsche Telekom AGBrand value: $41,226 millionChange since 2018: 5%Headqua..

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BMWCompany: BMWBrand value: US$25,217 millionChange since 2018: 2%Headquarter city: Munich, GermanyC..

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Mercedes-BenzCompany: DAIMLER AG Brand value: US$23,410 millionChange since 2018: -1%Headquarter cit..

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SiemensCompany: Siemens AGBrand value: US$15,351 millionChange since 2018: 1%Headquarter city: Berli..

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ALDICompany: AldiBrand Value: US$14,613 millionChange since 2018: 13%Headquarters: Essen (Aldi ..

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adidasCompany: adidas AGBrand value: US$13,765 millionChange since 2018: 16%Headquarter city: Herzog..

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Bosch Company: Robert Bosch GmbHBrand value: US$10,479 millionChange since 2018: 7%Headquarter city:..

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AUDICompany: Volkswagen AGBrand value: US$8,819 millionChange since 2018: 3%Headquarter city: Ingols..

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LIDLCompany: Lidl Stiftung & Co KGBrand value: US$8,523 millionChange since 2018: 4%Headquarter ..

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AllianzCompany: Allianz SEBrand value: US$8,360 million Change since 2018: 8%Headquarter city: Munic..

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ContinentalCompany: Continental AGBrand value: US$8,019 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquar..

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NIVEACompany: BeiersdorfBrand value: US$7,754 millionChange since 2018: 6%Headquarter city: HamburgC..

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VolkswagenCompany: Volkswagen AGBrand value: US$6,879 millionChange since 2018: 6%Headquarter city: ..

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PorscheCompany: Volkswagen AGBrand value: US$5,868 millionChange since 2018: 4%Headquarter city: Stu..

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KnorrCompany: Unilever PlcBrand value: US$4,688 millionChange since 2018: 4%Headquarter city: Heilbr..

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E.ONCompany: E.ON SEBrand value: US$3,970 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city: Esse..

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Deutsche Post

Deutsche PostCompany: Deutsche Post AGBrand value: US$3,786 millionChange since 2018: 1%Headquarter ..

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SparkasseCompany: Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe GmbH & Co. KG Brand Value: US$3,505 million Change sin..

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ZalandoCompany: Zalando SEBrand value: US$3,079 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city..

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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche BankCompany: Deutsche Bank AG Brand value: US$2,993 millionChange since 2017: -17%Headquart..

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UnitymediaCompany: Unitymedia GmbHBrand value: US$2,872 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquar..

Read more


EnBWCompany: EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AGBrand value: US$2,809 millionChange since 2018: N..

Read more


1&1Company: United Internet AGBrand value: US$2,714 millionChange since 2018: 0%Headquarter city..

Read more


EdekaCompany: Edeka Zentrale AG & CoBrand value: US$2,534 millionChange since 2018: 8%Headquarte..

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MieleCompany: Miele & Cie. KG Brand Value: US $2,460 millionChange since 2018: 9%Headquarter Cit..

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DB Schenker

DB SchenkerCompany: Schenker Deutschland AGBrand value: US$2,398 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY..

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DPDCompany: DPD Deutschland GmbHBrand value: US$2,269 millionChange since 2018: -2%Headquarter city:..

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LufthansaCompany: Deutsche Lufthansa AGBrand value: US$2,255 millionChange since 2018: 5%Headquarter..

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31Hugo Boss

Hugo BossCompany: Hugo Boss AGBrand value: US$2,212 millionChange since 2018: 7%Headquarter city: Me..

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DmCompany: dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KGBrand value: US$2,152 millionChange since 2018: NEW EN..

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SchwarzkopfCompany: Henkel AG & CompanyBrand value: US$2,023 millionChange since 2018: -12%Headq..

Read more


PUMACompany: Puma SEBrand value: US$1,879 millionChange since 2018: 37%Headquarter city: Herzogenaur..

Read more


Persil Company: Henkel AG & Co KGaABrand value: US$1,868 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Hea..

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RossmannCompany: Dirk Rossmann GmbHBrand value: US$1,803 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headqua..

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RWECompany: RWE AGBrand value: US$1,772 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city: Essen ..

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TUICompany: TUI Group        Brand value: US$1,643 millionCh..

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Beck’s Company: AB InBevBrand value: US$1,596 millionChange since 2018: -18%Headquarter city: ..

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REWECompany: REWE GroupBrand value: US$1,449 millionChange since 2018: 8%Headquarter city: CologneCa..

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MetroCompany: Metro AG Brand value: US$1,414 millionChange since 2018: -22%Headquarter city: Dü..

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SIXTCompany: Sixt AGBrand value: US$1,413 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city: Pull..

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bofrost*Company: Bofrost* Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KGBrand value: US$1,411 millionChange since..

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Lenor Company: P&GBrand value: US$1,368 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city: Sc..

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KauflandCompany: Kaufland Stiftung & Co. KGBrand value: US$1,323 millionChange since 2018: 6%Hea..

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CommerzbankCompany: Commerzbank AGBrand value: US$1,240 millionChange since 2018: 2%Headquarter city..

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AIDACompany: Carnival CorpBrand value: US$1,195 millionChange since 2018: NEW ENTRY!Headquarter city..

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OttoCompany: Otto Group Brand value: US$1,064 millionChange since 2018: 17%Headquarter city: Hamburg..

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HypoVereinsbankCompany: UniCredit Bank AGBrand value: US$981 millionChange since 2018: -2%Headquarte..

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Krombacher Company: Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KGBrand value: US$976 mil..

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Best Countries Ranking

Brand Germany

Made in Germany The world view of Germany, and what this means for local brands Germany ha..

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Brand Building Best Practices

Evolution based on DNA

Kathleen IxInnovation DirectorSuperunion Kathleen.Ix@superunion.com Evolution based on DNAThe balanc..

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Brands on demand

Christian ThronManaging Creative Directordeep blue networksChristian.Thron@db-n.comBrands on demandT..

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Fail fast? No thanks

Jan PechmannManaging DirectordiffferentJan.Pechmann@diffferent.deand Sven WollnerManaging Partner an..

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