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Thought Leadership & Analysis

DIGITAL Mobile: Mobile screens dominate, and video viewing rises

Trends touch a broad segment of the population   Indians are more engaged on mobile devices t.. Read more

URBAN-RURAL | New Assumptions: Rural India is rising, in unexpected ways

Marketers need to abandon outdated assumptions   With growing internet penetration and wide a.. Read more

CONSUMERS | Distinctive characteristics of the youngest millennials

  1.    Mobile First This first mobile generation is much more likely to use mobile than prio.. Read more

CONSUMERS |Millennials: Youngest millennials are newest consumers

The term millennial describes a generation born between 1981 and 2001. People born at the start and .. Read more

CUSTOMERS |Shopper Barometer: Metro shoppers increase spending

  But confidence varies by income, city, and category   Indian consumers are sending mixe.. Read more

CONSUMERS | 10 consumer trends & brand Implications

1.    Heritage Growing cultural pride and patriotism are influencing consumer preferences.   .. Read more

CONSUMERS |Overview: Confidence remains steady despite year of disruptions

Shoppers seek authenticity and value   Indian consumers exhibited confidence, but sentiment v.. Read more

Brand visionaries drive valuations with the promise of a better future

  They dream big and change businesses and peoples’ lives   Amarjeet Thakur Senio.. Read more

As Indian unicorn investment slows, brands must shift their priorities

Customers expect brands to link commerce with social conscience   Sonya Misquitta Assoc.. Read more

Addressing social problems, brands sustain relevance in changing India

Initiatives help build both economic and social value   Sunil R. Shetty Senior Vice Pre.. Read more

Rapid changes in Indian culture challenge brand communications

Brands must remain consistent, while adapting to new India   Arnab Bhowmik Vice Preside.. Read more

Future-ready brands study how consumers are changing

Consumer attitudes and beliefs inform brand visions and tactics   Shaziya Khan Senior V.. Read more

Brands becoming more vulnerable in younger, digitized India

Openness, consumer engagement strengthens brands, earns trust   Hareesh Tibrewala Joint.. Read more

Consumers desire to use fewer apps, and brands must bridge that gap

More Indian brands now combine multiple services on a single app   Varun Jain Research .. Read more

The rapid growth of programmatic brings challenges and possibilities

Mobile habits, ad blockers require creative responses from brands   Milind Pathak Chief.. Read more

C-SUITE Q&A: Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Aditya Birla Capital Ltd.

Brand simplifies, adds convenience to underpenetrated product category   New strategy aims to.. Read more

C-SUITE Q&A: Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer, Titan Company Ltd.

With rising wealth, Indians buy watches for special moments as well as occasions   T.. Read more

C-SUITE Q&A: Siddharth Banerjee, Executive Vice President, Marketing Vodafone India

C-SUITE Q&A   Brand tailors mix to match Indian consumers’ rapidly changing habits.. Read more

Top Risers | Automobiles

  Brands adapt consumer insights, category surges   New models combine style and affor.. Read more


    The BrandAsset Valuator (BAV) is a study of consumer brand perceptions, measuring brands.. Read more

BRAND INDIA: Top 10 Indicators

    India ranks moderately in influential attributes   BAV analysis of 65 brand at.. Read more


India ranks high relative to fast-growing markets   Its Citizenship rank presents a challe.. Read more

Thought Leadership | Trust : Brands react as skepticism, a global trend, reaches India

Ever more rare and critical, trust is the new currency   by Siddhant Lahiri Head - Stra.. Read more

Brand Building Best Practices | Complexity: Brand marketers find opportunities within complexity and contradiction

India’s market size and diversity demands long-term commitment   Aditya Kilpady Senio.. Read more

Brand Building Best Practices | Social Media: Unanticipated consequences on social media threaten brands

Planning, data, analytics help assure a positive experience   Karthik Nagarajan Head, C.. Read more

Brand Building Best Practices | Startups: Best startups base businesses on local market consumer insights

    Brands solve problems, deliver excellent customer experience   Parul Budhiraja.. Read more

Brand Building Best Practices | Social Context: Countering global influence, Indians embrace local roots and culture

Brands need to unlock the stories that exist in the hearts of consumers   Sanjana Mathur .. Read more

Brand Building Best Practices | Spending: Normally thrifty, Indians today spending more at mid-price level

    Greater affluence and younger population drive the change   Dia Kirpalani D.. Read more

Brand Building Best Practices | Loyalty: Our notion of loyalty needs updating to match reality of today’s India

Young Indians expect the best, and will change quickly to get it   Divya Khanna Vice Pr.. Read more

Brand Building Best Practices | Storytelling : Good storytelling is a powerful tool for building memorable brands

The best brand stories relate to consumers’ personal stories   Anvar Alikhan Senior V.. Read more

DISRUPTION | Government: Key initiatives impact spending

FMCG slows, but telecom grows The BrandZ™ India Top 50 grew a robust 21 percent in brand value a.. Read more

CUSTOMERS | Elites: Research identifies “Elite” households

 They spend more on FMCG than others Indian marketers rely on a Socio-Economic Classification (SEC.. Read more

CONSUMERS |Patanjali: Patanjali increases reach across India

Brand found in 100 million households In India, the brand Patanjali is synonymous with disruption. .. Read more

DIGITAL | Overview: Internet use expands, but growth rate levels

Greatest potential remains in rural areas Internet use in India continues to grow, but the growth r.. Read more

DIGITAL | E-commerce: Rapid growth rate should accelerate

 Travel dominates categories purchased online With accelerated growth, e-commerce in India is expe.. Read more

DIGITAL | Ola & Uber: Ride-hailing brands compete for loyalty

.lst-kix_list_1-3 > li:before{content:"■ "}.lst-kix_list_1-4 > li:before{content:"■ "}ul.lst-.. Read more

DIGITAL: High demand, low prices push increase in data use

Mobile payments rise after demonetization Increased demand for messaging services, social media pla.. Read more

MEDIA Spending: Digital growth rate tops other media

As overall spending eases from prior year Spending on digital media is expected to increase 30 perc.. Read more

Top Risers: Market strength, insight drive high value growth

 Market strength, insightdrive high value growth Automobile and financial brands predominate With.. Read more

Newcomers: Jio enters Top 50 months after launch

 Digital growth drives telecom and entertainment brands The highest-ranking newcomer to the BrandZ.. Read more

Brand Contribution adds long-term brand stability

Ranking remains consistent year-on-year Brand Contribution, a BrandZ™ metric, measures the value .. Read more

VITALITY QUOTIENT: BrandZ™ metric prescribes regimen for brand health

 Five health indicators comprise Vitality Quotient To rank in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable .. Read more


 Outside perception of India may lag economic progress Country ranks higher on culture than busine.. Read more

BRAND INDIA: Methodology

 This analysis of Brand India is based on the Best Countries 2017 study, developed by Y&R’s BAV G.. Read more


Soft power is key driver of a nation’s brand value India’s lower rank is inconsistent with its.. Read more

BRAND INDIA: India & China

 Business decision makers rank China higher in key attributes But is India positioned to rise in .. Read more

BRAND INDIA: Cultural Rankings

Trust and Daring form  powerful brand tension Together, attributes produce engaging brands by Ann.. Read more

BRAND INDIA: Case Studies

BRAND INDIA Case Studies Brands combine trust and daring in creative tension Two examples from d.. Read more